If you just submitted a session request form, wait to submit your retainer until Heather responds with availability… usually within 1 business day.

Retainers are required to secure your date & time. 24 hours notice is required to avoid losing your retainer.

Bad weather and illness happen. We will work together to find a suitable new time or location for your session.

Your balance is due on or before the day of the session.

Portrait Sessions Retainer: $100
Event/Wedding Retainer: $500
Portrait Bundle Packages Retainer: $100 for each session in the bundle

Ways to make a payment…

Please pay your retainer (or balance) any of the following ways:
Using the QR codes below is the easiest. Open your phone’s camera and aim it at the code, then click on the website that pops up.

Credit Card

Please request that I send you an invoice. A 3% CC fee may be added to your total.


Click this link – PayPal (I am charged 3% for this option)


Use my phone number 404-790-2746


@HeatherPhotographers (last 4 digits of my cell: 2746) or scan the following image.

Don’t say it is for photos! Just use an emoji happy face laughing