Dogwood, Wisteria Spring & Easter Portrait Sessions

Dogwood, Wisteria Spring & Easter Portrait sessions in Canton GA April 9-23, 2017

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Studio Sessions

$250 full session or $150 mini session – 2017

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Update Your Professional Portrait

$75 – 2017

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Seasonal Calendar

January 2018
Studio Professional Headshots

February 2018
President’s Day Family Portraits – Feb. 20-24 (TBD)
Bradford Pears – ~Feb. 22 – March 8

March 2018
Cherry Blossoms – ~Mar. 23-30

April 2017
Dogwood & Wisteria- ~Apr. 9-23
Easter – Apr. 16
Murphy Gardens is ready for sessions: Apr. 20

May 2017
Flower Garden Sessions (Kennesaw) +$15 (each additional person is +$7 each) : May 1 – 12
Very limited availability: May 13 – 31

June 2017
Morning Senior Portraits
Sunflower Fields +$35: ~June 17-July 1

July 2017
Morning Senior Portraits
Old Car Junkyard Sessions +$50 (each additional person is +$25 each)

August 2016
Very limited availability: Jul. 29 – Aug. 13
Happy Birthday, Heather! Aug. 10

September 2017
Early Fall Portraits Promotion
Sunflower Sessions +$35: ~Sept. 25 – Oct. 8

October 2017
Cotton Fields, Pumpkin Patch, or Apple Orchard Sessions +$35: ~Oct. 1 – 15
Autumn Portrait Sessions (Murphy Gardens, Parks or Red Barn): Oct. 21 – Nov. 12
$150 Costume Studio Minis

November & December 2017
Autumn Portrait Sessions: Oct. 21 through Nov. 12
Christmas Farm & Evergreen Trees Sessions: Nov. 25 – Dec. 15
$150 Christmas Studio Minis: Nov. 6 – Dec. 15


Caroline’s Half Birthday

Oh my gosh! How can this mom & dad stand it?? I seriously died and went to Cuteness-Heaven! Mom told me that these 2 turn into monsters after a certain time but I don't believe her. lol I have photographed this family since their wedding engagement. The only thing...

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Senior Portraits at Barnsley Gardens & Resort – Adairsville, GA

Barnsley Gardens & Resort is a tucked away, little paradise in Bartow county, GA.
I was completely surprised to see this incredibly charming little resort village after driving through some parts of Georgia that time seemed to leave behind. It is about an hour north of I-285 & I-75.

Senior Portraits.

This is Olivia and her dog, Cody…

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Senior Portraits – Drape Shot

Heather Photographers’ studio has a black velvet drape on site for senior & graduation portraits.

I have learned that you get what you pay for. Although I found a drape for $50, I purchased the one from Maureen of Hollywood (the original creator of the Hollywood Portrait Drape), made from high end Fidelio Velvet (not fake velveteen) for $240. Remember, quality matters!

Heather Photographers is located in Cherokee County, Georgia, close to Woodstock & Canton.

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In the Museum of Modern Art in New York hangs one of the most iconic masterpieces of American realism, “Christina’s World” by Andrew Wyeth. Without gloating too much, Heather recaptured the essence of that painting when she spontaneously snapped “Madison’s World” as three-year-old Madison was gazing out of the window in an image that bares a striking impression of Wyeth’s vision. So if you want an artist as your photographer, call Heather.

– Tic H.