Click the most appropriate button of these forms. They ask ALL of the questions I want to know to get you scheduled or give you a quote.

Other Methods of Contact:

emailEmail – The 2nd most efficient way to communicate with me. Please allow up to 24 business hours for a response.

facebookFacebook Chat – This is great if I am at my computer but you may have to leave a message for later.

 Text – I am on the go…a lot. I understand the excitement of an immediate response but if I am in the middle of anything such as driving, my kid’s figure skating lessons, another shoot, etc. and can’t respond right away, your text is likely to get lost in the text mess. If I don’t respond to your text within a day, please try again or use another contact method. Thank you for understanding! 🙂

PhonePhone Call – Not advised. I don’t answer calls from unknown numbers and I don’t operate under traditional work/office hours or have a receptionist. I know people want to hear my voice and I want to hear yours…but it is best that we set up a time to talk and the best way to set up a call is to use one of the above contact methods to request a call. You may leave a voice mail but email is so much better!