Capture Nature’s Beauty: Outdoor Photography

Planning an outdoor photoshoot? This “Outdoor Calendar” highlights popular times for capturing stunning flower blooms, vibrant autumn foliage, and other breathtaking natural landscapes. However, don’t feel limited by these suggestions! Share any special locations you have in mind, and we can work together to make them shine in your photos.

Capturing Magic with Little Ones:

  • Mornings are Golden: For children under 6, morning sessions are ideal. They tend to be happier and more cooperative at this time of day. Studios or summer mornings outdoors are excellent choices.
  • Temperature Matters: Early mornings, especially outside of summer, can be chilly. Aim for temperatures above 60°F to ensure your child’s comfort.
  • Light and Location: We prioritize capturing photos with the most flattering light, which is typically in the morning or late afternoon. Harsh midday light can be less desirable.

Ultimately, you know your child best. This information is meant to provide some helpful “expert advice” as you plan your session.

Ready to Explore?

Let’s discuss your vision and find the perfect location to capture beautiful outdoor memories. You can also check out the FAQs for more information about outdoor vs. studio sessions.

Outdoor Location Options:

Early Spring | Springtime | Summer | Autumn | Year-Round

Capture Memories With Early Spring’s Blossoming Beauty

Cherry Blossom Tunnel: Capture a fairytale-like scene by walking beneath a canopy of blooming cherry trees.

Sunset Symphony: Capture the delicate beauty of blossoming trees bathed in the soft light of sunset.

Pregnant Woman under Yoshino Cherry Blossoms

Yoshino Cherry Blossoms

Walk beneath a canopy of delicate pink blooms. These iconic blossoms create a fairytale-like atmosphere, perfect for portraits that celebrate fleeting springtime beauty.

Family Photo on Front Porch


Embrace the charm of Southern living with a porch session. Capture relaxed family moments or showcase your personality with a vintage-inspired pose.

Mom with Child under Bradford Pear Blossoms

Bradford Pear Blossoms

Bathe in a cloud of soft white blooms. Bradford pear trees offer a stunning backdrop for portraits that capture the essence of spring.

Young Girl under Okame Cherry Blossoms

Okame Cherry Blossoms

Be captivated by vibrant pink blossoms that explode with color. Okame cherry blossoms offer a unique and eye-catching backdrop for unforgettable photos.

1928 Ford Truck with Floral Photo

1928 Ford Truck with Floral

Add a touch of vintage charm and springtime whimsy to your photos. This classic truck adorned with florals creates a one-of-a-kind setting for portraits that are both nostalgic and vibrant.

Springtime Scenes Burst with Life

Wisteria Way: Capture the cascading beauty of wisteria vines adorning a charming trellis or pergola.

Dandelion Wishes: Blow on a field of dandelions and capture the whimsical spirit of spring.

Blooming Orchard: Pose amidst a vibrant orchard filled with blossoming fruit trees.

Young Girl in Buttercup Meadow

Buttercup Meadow

Immerse yourself in a sea of cheerful sunshine yellow. A buttercup meadow creates a whimsical and playful backdrop for portraits that capture the carefree spirit of spring.

April 12 – May 4

Young Girl under Blooming Tree

Heather's Park - Spring

Unwind in a charming and familiar setting. Heather’s backyard park offers a relaxed and natural atmosphere, perfect for capturing candid family moments or celebrating milestones with loved ones.

April 15 – May 31

Senior Photo Portrait in white daisies

Heather's Daisies

Delicate white blooms add a touch of elegance to your photos. Heather’s bed of daisies creates a timeless and romantic backdrop for portraits that celebrate new beginnings and fresh starts.

Mid-Late May

Girl in Golden Wispy Grasses

Golden Wispy Grasses

Sway with the gentle breeze in a field of golden light. These wispy grasses create a dreamy and ethereal backdrop for portraits that capture the essence of a sun-drenched spring afternoon..

Mid-Late May 4

Summer Scenes Sizzle with Fun

Golden Hour Glow: Capture the magic of golden hour with long shadows and warm light against a backdrop of rolling hills or a scenic lake.

Sun-Drenched Fields: Frolic in a field of tall grass bathed in warm sunlight.

Secret Waterfall: Hike to a hidden waterfall and capture the power and serenity of cascading water.

Portrait of Teenage Girl by Lake

Near Water (Lakes, Ponds, etc.)

Dive into summer fun by the water’s edge. Capture carefree moments of splashing, swimming, or simply soaking up the sun. This versatile backdrop is perfect for family portraits that celebrate the carefree spirit of summer.

June – September

Photo of Toddler on Garden Path

Heather's Park - Summer

Unwind and create lasting memories in a familiar setting. Heather’s backyard park offers a relaxed and shady haven, perfect for capturing candid moments of laughter and joy with loved ones.

June – September

Photo of Family in a Small Town

Small Town Charm

Embrace the nostalgic vibes of a quintessential small town. Capture the essence of summer festivals, explore unique architecture, or simply relax on a tree-lined street. This backdrop provides a storybook setting for portraits that capture the warmth and togetherness of the season.

June – September

Autumn’s Tapestry Unveiled

September 15 – Thanksgiving


Leaf-Peeping Adventure: Capture the vibrant foliage along a scenic country road or hiking trail.

Hayride Hijinks: Embark on a nostalgic hayride through a field of colorful autumn leaves.

Pumpkin Patch Paradise: Get lost in a sea of pumpkins and capture the joy of fall harvest.

Young Lady in Goldenrod Fields

Goldenrod Fields

Bask in a sea of sunshine yellow. Towering goldenrod creates a vibrant and cheerful backdrop for portraits that celebrate the golden hues of autumn.

September – October 14

Happy Woman walking in Sunlight Garden Path

Heather's Backyard Autumn Garden

Embrace the changing season in a familiar haven. Heather’s backyard garden, adorned with fall foliage and seasonal blooms, offers a charming and intimate setting for relaxed family portraits or capturing individual autumnal elegance.

October – Thanksgiving

Young Girl walking with beautiful trees in background

Canton Georgia Maples and Gingkos

Stroll beneath a canopy of fiery reds and golden yellows. Capture the iconic beauty of Canton’s maple and ginkgo trees, creating breathtaking portraits that embody the essence of fall in Georgia.

October 20 – November 11

Young girl under trees

A Fall Fantasia

Unveil the magic of autumn with a variety of seasonal settings. Choose from rustic barns adorned with hay bales and pumpkins, vibrant orchards bursting with colorful fruits, or cozy fireplaces radiating warmth. Capture timeless portraits that celebrate the spirit of fall and Thanksgiving traditions.

October 1 – Thanksgiving

Autumn’s Enchanting Embrace


  • Blazing Foliage: Immerse yourself in a vibrant tapestry of red, orange, and yellow leaves. Capture the breathtaking beauty of fall foliage and create portraits that exude warmth and a sense of adventure.

  • Cozy Hayrides: Embark on a nostalgic hayride adventure. Capture the essence of autumn festivities and create playful portraits filled with laughter and warm blankets.

  • Pumpkin Patch Fun: Find the perfect pumpkin and create lasting memories. A pumpkin patch provides a playful and colorful backdrop for portraits that capture the joy and innocence of the season.

  • Countryside Drive: Wind down a scenic country road with vibrant fall foliage framing the view. This picturesque backdrop creates a stunning and serene setting for portraits that capture the peaceful beauty of autumn.

  • Orchard Harvest: Celebrate the bounty of the season amidst a backdrop of apple trees laden with fruit. Capture the essence of autumn harvest traditions and create charming portraits filled with warmth and togetherness.

Year-Round Backdrops for Every Occasion

Starry Night Sky: Capture the Milky Way galaxy in all its glory on a clear night. (This can be done in locations with minimal light pollution)

Sunrise at the Beach: Capture the breathtaking colors of a sunrise over the ocean.

Misty Morning Magic: Capture the ethereal beauty of a landscape shrouded in morning mist.

Cityscape Symphony: Capture the energy and vibrancy of a city skyline at sunset.

Hidden Garden Gems: Explore a secret botanical garden overflowing with unique flowers and plants.

Family Portrait in a Small Town

Charming Towns

Small Town: Step back in time with the nostalgic charm of a quintessential small town. Capture the essence of local shops, explore unique architecture, or simply relax on a tree-lined street. This backdrop provides a storybook setting for portraits that capture the warmth and togetherness of any season.

Mayberry Acres Barn

Mayberry Acres

Embrace the simple pleasures of country life. Lush pastures, charming barns, and friendly farm animals create a picturesque setting for family portraits or capturing timeless Americana vibes.

Holly Springs, GA
White Barn, Potting Shed, Vintage Cars & Campers, Log Wall + More

Pregnant Mom at WarAngel Farms with Horse

WarAngel Farms

Immerse yourselves in the beauty and tranquility of a working farm. Capture the majesty of horses, the gentle charm of alpacas, or the rustic elegance of a classic barn. This versatile backdrop is perfect for family portraits, engagement photos, or capturing a love for animals.

Canton, GA – Hwy 20
Barn, Pastures, Horses, Mini Horses, Alpacas, plus more
+$75/hour – weekdays only

Young Woman at West Milford Farm

West Milford Farm

Experience the timeless charm of a rustic farm setting. Lush pastures, charming barns, and friendly farm animals create a picturesque backdrop for portraits that celebrate the beauty of nature and country life.

Wedding venue with barn, fields and greenhouse

Zebra Gallerie

Zebra Gallerie

Unleash your inner artist with a backdrop bursting with color and creativity. This unique gallery provides a playful and vibrant setting for portraits that capture a sense of wonder and individuality.

White Barn, Black Greenhouse, Teal Greenhouse, Animals

Young Woman at The Plyler Place

The Plyler Place

Embrace the magic of a bygone era with a variety of vintage-inspired backdrops. Choose from a romantic glass greenhouse, a serene lake with a rowboat, or a babbling stream. This versatile location is perfect for capturing timeless holiday portraits, romantic engagements, or whimsical family photos.

West Woodstock near the lake
Glass Greenhouse, Lake, Dock, rowboat, Stream,
Holiday Setups, Vintage Trucks & Tractor, Branch Arch

Young Woman in Arcade


Inject some energy and fun into your photos with a classic arcade backdrop. Capture playful moments of competition and friendly rivalry, perfect for birthday celebrations or group outings.

Woodstock, GA

Photo of Picnic Scene

Campfire & Picnics

Gather around a crackling campfire and create lasting memories under the stars. This cozy and intimate setting is perfect for capturing the warmth of togetherness and celebrating special occasions outdoors.

Fees vary

Portrait of Young Man at Old Car City

Old Car City

Step back in time with a backdrop overflowing with vintage charm. Explore a collection of classic cars and capture photos that embody the nostalgia and timeless style of a bygone era.

November 7 – March 12
Close at 4pm. Session time is about 3pm
+$80 Entry fee (includes photographer & 1 client)
+$20 for anyone not having photos taken.


Capturing Memories: Perfect Timing for Outdoor Family Portraits

Looking for beautiful outdoor portraits with young children?

Here's a guide to scheduling your session:

  • Golden Hours: Early mornings and late afternoons offer the most comfortable temperatures and flattering light. May and October are ideal months, but late April, early June, and late September might work too, depending on the weather.
  • Weekend Availability: Weekends are popular, so securing the "perfect" time slot might be limited. We only offer about 14 appointments per weekend, so plan ahead!

What about the weather?

  • Rescheduling for Comfort: If the forecast predicts rain (over 40% chance) or uncomfortable temperatures (below 55°F or above 85°F), we'll offer you alternative dates or a studio session. We might also need to adjust your session time slightly based on the day's weather conditions.
  • Ideal Conditions: The sweet spot for outdoor sessions is between 60°F and 80°F. We can manage cooler temperatures (down to 50°F) for adult-only sessions. Wind speeds should ideally be below 8 mph.
  • Embrace All Light: I enjoy capturing photos on both sunny and cloudy days. While they create different moods, cloud cover alone isn't a reason to reschedule.

Studio vs. Outdoor:

  • Outdoor sessions can be trickier to schedule due to their dependence on weather, sunlight, and blooming seasons. We can only schedule one outdoor session per day during "magic hour" (just after sunrise or right before sunset). This timing might not be ideal for young children's nap schedules or early bedtimes. Rescheduling due to weather is also more common with outdoor sessions.
  • Studio sessions offer a more comfortable and reliable option, always guaranteeing beautiful results.

What's Included:

  • All portrait sessions are inclusive and come with a set of digital images (1800x1200 resolution).
  • I have backup equipment and full insurance for your peace of mind.

Retainers and Rescheduling:

  • A retainer is required to book your preferred date and time. We require 24 hours' notice to avoid losing your retainer.
  • We understand that bad weather and illness happen. If needed, we'll work together to find a new session time or move indoors.

Number of Photos:

  • The number of final images you receive will depend on the specific shoot (what we're capturing, number of people involved, etc.).

When Littles Don't Cooperate:

  • Sometimes, even the best efforts can't coax a smile from a child. This is perfectly normal! We'll work with their natural energy to capture genuine moments.

Let's Capture Your Memories!

I hope this information helps you decide if an outdoor session is the right fit for your family.