Damage Waiver

Underlying Agreement 

The basis of our contract with you is assuring the quality of the product for rent. 

Waiver Agreement  

We have agreed that these conditions will be varied by this Waiver Agreement under which you are relieved of your responsibility to us for loss or damage, subject to the terms specified below.  

Waiver Terms 

Loss or Damage Excess 
You are responsible for the amount shown below for any loss or damage: 
Replacement Cost: $500 
Cleaning Fee: $500 
You are responsible for the following: 
  • Loss or damage caused by your willful act or willful neglect. 
  • Loss due to, or exaggerated by, fraud, by you or your behalf. 
  • Loss or damage if the property is rented by you to another renter.  
  • Loss of the equipment by its disappearance or by shortage if such disappearance or shortage is only revealed when an inventory is made or loss of the equipment due to its being stolen or otherwise missing unless such loss is identifiable with a specific occurrence which has been the subject of notification to HeatherPhotographers and your reporting of the matter to the Police. 
  • You must take all reasonable measures to protect the property rented to you and to ensure that all statutory and other regulations relating to the product are observed where it is your responsibility under the terms of the underlying hire agreement.  
  • Any theft must be reported to the police immediately, and the crime reference number must be recorded.  
  • Any loss or damage must be reported to us as soon as reasonably practicable and in any event, within 24 (twenty-four) hours of the event.  
This agreement applies to: 
  • The renter