newborn photographyLate-Morning Session, July 29:

We normally like to photograph newborns under 14 days old for those adorable sleepy shots. But due to a doctor’s appt. and a snuffly Sienna, we had to photograph her at nearly 3 weeks old. She was incredibly alert. I tried very hard to get the sleepy shots, even trying continuous lighting versus strobe to not jar her every time I pressed the shutter. But the lights’ color temperatures didn’t match and I was pretty unhappy with the outcome. Thankfully, the candids turned out wonderfully.


Heather Photographers
1st Photographer: Heather Murphy
Location: Heather Photographers Studios – Canton, GA

crochet boob newborn cap
newborn photography
mom hanging out in my studio
sweet newborn photo with mom & dad
daddy trying to get newborn to sleep