Studio Looks

The following backgrounds & rooms are ones that I currently available and can be used NOW or are on the way to me which will be noted.
Some are smaller and only fit children & babies, those are also noted.
If you have a theme, colors or background you’d like, don’t hesitate to inquire about your options.
It is best to plan custom backgrounds at least 3- 4 weeks before the session date.

Please see FAQs at the bottom for a note about “Outdoor VS. Studio” sessions.

Walls & Textures

Florals & Botanical

Children, Birthdays, Cake Smashes

Skandi Rainbow

I have 12 month outfits for you to use.
Click to see….

Cotton Candy Sunset

Children, Babies & Newborns Only

Woodland Friends

Children & Babies Only

Cherry Blossoms

Babies & Children Only

Cascading Roses

Babies & Children Only

Once Upon a Rose

Babies & Children Only

The Terrace

Babies & Children Only

painted autumn colors
Taco Twos-Day

Children & Babies Only

American Flag

Newborn & Babies

These designs are limited to babies & newborns. But, please note that any of the other backgrounds above can also be used with babies & newborns.


Babies & Newborns Only


Babies & Newborns Only


Babies & Newborns Only


Newborn & Babies Only

French Blue

Babies & Newborns Only


Babies & Newborns Only

The Cat's House

Children & Babies Only

Hundred Acre Wood

Children & Babies Only

The Pond

Newborns & Babies Only

Winter & Christmas

Tree Farm (new for '22)


  • Weather: If inclement weather occurs (a high chance of rain or extreme temperatures), I will offer any open dates/times to you for rescheduling or we can move into the studio. In some cases, your session time could change depending on weather and sunlight. I will confirm your appt. before and discuss any weather issues or possible time changes.
  • More on Weather: Temps between 50 and 80 are ideal. Winds no higher than 8mph are ideal. I enjoy shooting on cloudy AND sunny days. They have different feels to them but I don't reschedule due to cloud cover.
  • Outdoor VS. Studio: Just a quick comment on this... I understand that you LOVE the epic and romantic look of nature and natural light. But, please know this: outdoor sessions are inflexible in scheduling....we are relying on ideal temperature, blooms, wind speeds, and I only schedule once/day (magic hour.... just after sunrise or just before sunset). When babies or toddlers are involved, magic hour could be after their bedtime or in the morning when the temps are still much too frigid. Babies also tend to put EVERYTHING in their mouths from the ground. There are also tons of flying insects in some locations. Rescheduling due to weather issues is a common occurrence. I love doing outdoor sessions but they can be difficult to nail down. Studio is a very comfortable & reliable type of session. Beautiful results are the norm. Look through my portfolio for examples.
  • Portrait sessions are all-inclusive and do not require any additional purchase. The digital images provided are 1800x1200.
  • I have back up equipment
  • I am insured
  • Retainers: Required to secure your date & time. 24 notice is required to avoid losing your retainer. Bad weather and illness happen. We will work together to find a suitable new time for your session or move indoors.
  • The number of proofs from your session will depend on what we are shooting, how many people, how much fun everyone is having, our specific goals, etc.
  • When the littles don't cooperate: Sometimes they won't smile no matter what I do. This is part of the nature of children. Serious faces are also perfect photos.