Oct. 7 – Nov. 9, 2017

  • Add $50 for locations more than 20 miles from Woodstock, GA.
  • 45-60 minute session in Canton/Woodstock, GA (other locations available)
  • Receive your Proof Gallery in less than 1 week
  • Download of high res. images with print release



* Please fill out the “Book your session now!” form (above), indicate your preferred date/time and maybe a 2nd or 3rd choice, and submit your $50 retainer.
* There is a possibility that your preferred date/time may have already been filled, I will let you know within 24 hours and we can find another time or I can refund your retainer.


Oct. 23 – 9:45am
Oct. 26 -9:45am     5:30pm
Oct. 27 -9:45am     5:30pm
Oct. 30 – 9:45am     5:30pm
Oct. 31 – 9:45am
Nov. 1  –                         5:30pm
Nov. 2 – 10:00am    5:30pm
Nov. 3 – 10:00am    5:30pm
Nov. 6 – 9:00am      4:30pm
Nov. 7 – 9:00am      4:30pm
Nov. 8 – 9:00am      4:30pm
Nov. 9 – 9:00am      4:30pm


Oct. 21 –                       5:45pm
Oct. 28 – 9:45am     5:30pm
Oct. 29 – 9:45am
Nov. 4 – 10:00am    5:30pm
Nov. 5 – 9:00am 

* Only weekend afternoons can be at a location more than 20 miles south of Woodstock. +$50

What to wear?
Oct. 15 will be a more green background. Nov. 9 will be a more orange & brown background.
An Autumn backdrop calls for browns, tans, ivories, denim & dark greys.
Navy, hunter green, and dark/rich reds are nice too.
With colors, be careful not to mix different shades of the same color…that can clash.
Neutrals can be different shades and still look good.

What to know:

  • Weather issues: If inclement weather occurs, I will offer any open dates/times to you for rescheduling. If there are no open dates or none are suitable for you, you can reschedule for a holiday session, a studio session or receive a refund of your retainer.
  • Location: Most sessions will be in Canton/Woodstock, GA. Your exact shoot location will be determined as the season unfolds. Every year is different. Please let me know if you have any location requests. If you would like a session somewhere other than Canton/Woodstock, please select a weekend afternoon date/time.
  • In rare cases, your session time could change depending on weather and sunlight…it could be by 1 hour or it could be to later in the day or earlier in the day. I will confirm your appt. the day before and discuss any weather issues or possible time changes.