Wedding The Star GalleryAfternoon-Evening Wedding, March 3:

Here is an outside of the box wedding. When a bride contacts me, I always go and “have a look” on Facebook. There she was… filed-off horns, red skin, and yellow eyes! That’s no blushing bride…it’s none other than the well-meaning demon that smells like dry roasted peanuts, Hellboy!
The ceremony & reception were held in The Star Gallery of the Fernbank Museum. It was awesomely nerdy but elegant at the same time. There were some light sabers and vows including zombie apocalypse stuff. I was happy to watch them do the Harlem Shake rather than the Electric Slide. Cool beans.

The Star Gallery had some wild lighting. It was uber important to Tanisha that the photographer be able to capture the ambience in such extreme lighting conditions. It was definitely a challenging venue. I always prefer using natural light. But with it being March 3rd, it was just too cold & dark to go outdoors.


Heather Photographers
1st Photographer: Heather M.
2nd Photographer: Karli


Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Star Gallery in Fernbank Museum
Bakery: Cake Hag
Catering: A Divine Event
DJ: Chad Oates from The TC Show